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Updated: May 25, 2021

Sprint Into Spring Series....

SPRINT into spring series

Week 5.10.2021

**two more weeks before the summer conditioning series**


Warm up: 12-10-8

Calories on row

Hanging leg raises

Banded straight arm pulldowns

Plank shoulder taps

Circuit A) 3 rounds x 10 reps

Barbell good mornings

Reverse grip pull ups

Squat sit preacher curls

Circuit B) 3 rounds x 10 reps

Close grip pulldowns

Reverse grip barbell bent over rows

Hammer curls

Circuit C) clusters (2 sets of each exercise)

**Cluster exercises work like a drop will do 10-8-6-4-2 per side; of each exercise

DB single arm row (cluster)

Single db bicep curls with static hold

Single leg v-ups


Tuesday/ Leggo my thighs

warm up: one round

1000m bike erg OR 800m row

20 overhead walking lunges

800m bike erg OR 600m row

15 db squat thrusters

500m bike erg OR 300m row

10 box jumps or db weighted jump squats

Circuit A) 4 rounds x 10 reps each

Barbell parallel box squats superset w/ gob;et squats

Front squats superset w/ reverse lunge step ups

Banded TKE (terminal knee extension) exercises (/leg) superset w/ RNT split squat

Circuit B) 4 rounds; (rest 60-90sec between rounds)

50 jump rope

20 Landmine squat

50ft sled sprint


Wednesday/ whattaya say to some FUN

**here’s another challenge workout… from Sweeney Fitness… fastest time; with the RX weight and technique is the winner**

Girls use: 25lb KB

Guys use: 40lb KB

Russian kettlebell swings technique:

Burpee technique:


20 KB swings —> 1 burpee

19 kB swings —> 2 burpees

18 KB swings —> 3 Burpees

17 KB swing —> 4 burpees

16 KB --> 5 burpees

15 KB --> 6 Burpees

14 KB --> 7 Burpees

13 KB --> 8 Burpees

12 KB --> 9 Burpees

11 KB swing --> 10 Burpees (this is where it got spicy)

10 KB Swings --> 11 Burpees

9 KB swings --> 12 Burpees

8 KB siwngs --> 13 Burpees

7 KB Swings --> 14 Burpees

6 KB Swings --> 15 Burpees

5 KB Swings --> 16 Burpees

4 KB swings --> 17 Burpees ( I seriously sat down and thought about quitting right here)

3 KB Swings --> 18 Burpees (Break the burpees into groups)

2 KB Swings --> 19 Burpees (don't be like me and contemplate quitting)

1 KB swing --> 20 Burpees (YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR)

**$25 amazon gift card to the winner (guy /girl) with a legit witness**

This is challenging for many reasons…

This will start the summer series challenges

** the fastest time so far is Paula @ 35:23, I came in at 37:42 and I don’t care that I’m losing, this challenge is HARD**


Thursday/ it's all about the tempo

**tempo reps are reps that are time under tension, most of us do reps as fast as possible. Tempo reps are usually at a slower pace on the descent OR ascent. In today’s case, it will be both**

Warm up: 2x

100 jump rope

20 pvc pipe shoulder pass through

3 walkouts to pushup

5 windmills/side

Circuit A) 2 sets (use a moderate weight so you don’t fail, but you will feel each movement)

40sec DB flat bench press (tempo is 2ct descent/2 ct ascent)

20sec db overhead tricep extension

30sec DB flat bench (2ct tempo)

30 sec DB overhead tricep extension

20 sec Db Flat bench (2ct tempo)

40 sec db overhead tricep extension

**Go straight into your second set of Db flat bench after the 40 sec rest**

Circuit B) 2 set (these two sets should be done with moderate weight, use your stabilizers to move the db up and/or out)

40sec Half kneeling db shoulder press (left side)

40 sec half kneeling shoulder press (right side)

20 sec half kneeling lateral raises

30 sec kneeling db shoulder press (left arm)

30 sec kneeling shoulder press (right arm)

30sec half kneeling lateral raises

20 sec kneeling shoulder press (left arm)

20 sec kneeling shoulder press (right arm)

40 sec half kneeling lateral raises

** go straight into the second set of shoulder presses**

Circuit C) 4 rounds (rest 60-90sec after each round)

20 wall balls

15 wall ball transfer crunch

10 wall ball alternating push ups



One round:

  1. 1st set) 20 reps of everything

  2. 2nd set) 15 reps of everything

  3. 3rd set) 10 reps of everything

  4. 4th set) 5 reps of everything

** hex bar deadlifts

**Db incline bench

**db bent over rows

**DB clean & press

**DB box Step Ups

** runner’s sit-ups

Do NOT forget to stretch and roll, do mobility techniques too.

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