Summer series 6.7.2021

Fall into summer series

Week 6.7.2021

Monday Mayhem

Warm up) 1x

60sec bike or jump rope

5 pull ups (if you are efficient at pull ups, try for an amrap; if you usually need modifications, try to use the lightest band possible)

10 Banded good mornings

10 pvc pass throughs

20 sec lat stretch

Strength) 8min EMOM

Every minute (at the top of every minute) do 2 reps of barbell push press

8 sets x 2 reps of Barbell push press (building in weight each set)

Barbell push press:

Wod) 15-12-9-6 (try to move up in weight each round)

DB Z press

Barbell pendlay rows

Calories on row

Rest 2-5 minutes

Circuit) 20sec work of each exercise then rest 60 sec x 3 rounds

20 sec db hammer curls

20 sec DB alt bicep curls

20 sec bicep static hold

60 sec rest

20 sec db lateral raise

20 sec alt lateral raises

20 sec front raises

60 sec rest

Repeat the second round for 30sec each exercise, repeat the THIRD round for 45sec each exercise….


Tuesday/ Leggo challenge

Warm up: 2x

50 jump rope

10 band pull aparts

5 walkouts w/ hand-release push ups

15-20 sec lat stretch

Challenge workout #2:

In a 6 min time cap

Do 1000m on the bike ERG damper 10,

In the remaining time, as FRONT SQUATS as possible.


Weights prescribed: Guys:135/ girls: 75lb

Squat must be below parallel (hip crease below the top of the knee)

Squats must be full lockout, no half reps…

NO reracking the barbell.

Circuit: 4 rounds x 12 reps each exercise (rest 2-3min after each round; trying to add weight each time)

DB box step ups (6/side)

Landmine squats

Db walking lunges (12/leg)

Db weighted squat jumps


Wednesday/ core capacity

Circuit A) 3x30sec work/10sec rest

30 sec half turkish get ups (left arm only)

10 sec rest

30s half turkish get ups (right arm only)

10s rest

30sec bicycle crunches

10 sec rest

30sec hollow hold

**rest 1-2min between rounds**

400m run…then...

Circuit B) 3 sets x 30s work/10s rest

30s DB flutter kicks

10s rest

30s db plank movers

10s rest

30s db weighted v ups

10s rest

30s db windshield wipers w/bent knees

500m row...then…

Circuit C) 2 rounds

10 hanging leg raises

20s rest

10 hanging oblique raises

20s rest

60s plank


Thursday/Benches for Beaches

Warm up: 15min AMRAP

50 jump rope

50ft sled push

50ft Farmer carry (guys:60lb DB/ girls:45lb)

20 alt sledgehammers

Strength) Benchy Bench (football bar)

1x10 paused bench warm up (empty barbell)

5 sets x 3-3-3

**close grip** 3 reps

**mid grip** 3 reps

**wide grip** 3 reps

Move up in weight each set…

Accessorize your physique: 3 x 8-10 reps of each exercise

DB or barbell skullcrushers superset w/ incline push ups

DB flat bench flyes superset w/ DB or BB reverse grip front raises

Finisher: 3 sets

Banded tricep pushdowns … 7-7-7...7 reps lower, 7 reps upper half, 7 full reps… (like the biceps 21 exercise)


Full Body Friday

**EMOM: Every Minute On the Minute**

Circuit A) 4 sets x 3 min rounds

10 sumo deadlifts

8 pull ups

6 DB push press

4 hand release push ups

2 burpees

** rest until the top of the next 3rd min**

A1) 5 min EMOM:

4 manmakers (15lb girls/25lb guys)

Circuit B) 4 sets x 3 min rounds (use one barbell/same weight throughout)

10 BB RDL’s

8 BB pendlay rows

6 DB glute bridge chest press

4 diamond push ups

2 burpees

B1) 5 min EMOM:

2 manmakers

3 db burpees

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