Summer series...5.31.2021

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Sprint into Summer series

**week 5.31.2021**

Monday/ Modified “Murph”

Each year on Memorial Day, crossfit gyms around the states do the hero workout “Murph”. Again, we aren’t a crossfit gym, but I love the idea that they do a workout in honor of our Nation’s heroes.

You can modify it however you choose, but the full workout is:

One mile run

100 pull ups (use bands if needed)

200 push ups (modify to knees if needed)

300 squats

One mile run

** you can break it down in sections. For example: 10 rounds of: 10 pullups, 20 push ups, 30 squats.**



Warm up) 2x

500m row

10 front/back lunges (10/side)

10 kb swings

20 sec squat stretch

Front Squats or SSB

or cambered bar box squats

2x5 warm up weight

5x5 working sets (weight should be moderate to heavy)

Circuit) 4 rounds for time

10 burpee box step overs

15 wall balls

20 db overhead walking lunges


8 min AMRAP: (try to get 3-4 rounds)

12 Sumo squats

12 sissy squats (weighted)

10 min AMRAP: (at least 3 rounds)

10 Barbell RDL’s

15 cyclist squats (like a goblet but its narrow stance)


50 jump rope

20 weighted calf raises


Wednesday/ mayhem

Circuit A) 15-12-10-8 (use one set of dumbbells for each movement/ choose any of these cardio machines for calories (bike erg, echo bike, rower)


DB floor presses

Db bent over row

Circuit B) 15-12-8


DB clean & press

DB push ups

Circuit C) 12-10-8


Db sumo deadlift high pull

DB lateral raise



For time:

100 KB swings (25lb or heavier)

80 cal bike ERG

60 Cal ROW

40 DB alt snatches

20 Burpee over DB

**my time: 28:32….NOT good, day after Murph…**

Core: 3 rounds

12 weighted V-ups

20 abmat situps

24 weighted russian twists


Fitness Friday Challenge!!

**The two persons (one male/one female) who wins the Most challenges in the month of June gets an amazon gift card**

This week's challenge is strength….for REPS…

Warm up) 2x

50 jump rope

10 shoulder pass throughs w/pvc pipe

10 single arm flat bench press

20 band pull aparts

Fitness Friday Challenge:

IN a 5 min timecap:

600m row

Straight into…

Bench as many reps as possible in time remaining…

**Males: 95lb

**Females: 65lb


  1. Bars must touch the chest

  2. Arms are fully locked out, no half reps

  3. Must have a video of bench reps

  4. Not allowed to rack the bar to rest, then start again….

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