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Updated: May 25, 2021

heres a link to the google doc w/ youtube videos... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tX7-NAjahU_w-wa7MdgpRcK44Kt3Z78VNSmB_9gEK_w/edit?usp=sharing

Sprint into summer

Last week of the spring series 5.24.2021

**This final week is a test week for the summer series… Starting in June will have a “challenge”workout each week to complete. Contestants will have to compete in EACH challenge workout. The Male/Female contestants to win the highest scores on each workout wins a cash prize.

Monday/Bench your Business

Warm up: 2x

500m row OR 400m run

5 scapular retractions https://youtu.be/XIkPI-_80r4

20 band pull aparts

10 single arm bench press (10/side)

Strength: Take 20min to find a 3 rep max bench

**start your twenty minutes at about an RPE 6** make sure to rest between sets

WOD) one round for time

*try not to rest until everything is completed**

100 jump rope

20 ball slams

10 burpees

50 jump rope

15 ball slams

10 pushups

25 jump rope

10 ball slams

10 plank shoulder taps (10/side)

Accessories: 3x8 each exercise (as heavy as possible)

Db incline bench https://youtu.be/Fv5EYoJfRt4 superset w/ tricep overhead extensionhttps://youtu.be/FDcuwRBmoP8

Reverse grip tricep pushdowns https://youtu.be/Q1_WXKQV8aE superset w/ db lateral raises https://youtu.be/pOmbQuGeHf8

Db flat bench flyes https://youtu.be/z8juzhSsFKU superset w/ skullcrushers https://youtu.be/IAHDkC6vJw4

Day 2/ Build Legs to carry you far

warm up) 2x

25 cal bike erg OR 15cal echo bike

10 alt side lunges w/db https://youtu.be/pTxXeNqaTPY

20 lateral walks w/ hip circle (10/side)

10 pause air squats https://youtu.be/uC0GQWAj1jU into jump squats https://youtu.be/72BSZupb-1I

Strength) In a 30min timecap; find a heavy 3 rep back squat

**start w/ 50-60% of your most recent heaviest squat**

Drop Set) drop 25% from your heavy 3 rep max

*2 x 8 squats

**for example: if your 3 rep max was 185, then you will calculate 185X25%=139lb. You can either do 135x2x8 OR 140x2x8**

WOD) For time: (weights used Male/75lb; Female/55lb)

2 barbell front squats

4 DB step ups (15lb DB’s)

5ft sled push (empty sled)

4 barbell front squats

6 DB Step ups (15lb DB’s)

50ft sled push (empty sled)

6 Barbell Front squats

8 DB step ups (15lb DB’s)

50ft sled push (empty sled)

Accessories: 3 x 8

*Bulgarian split squat superset w/ DB RDL’s

*Db sumo squat superset w/ leg extensions

*DB calf raises superset w/ heel elevated goblet squats https://youtu.be/gpNky6gvseQ

Day 3/ Arm your Core

Circuit A) 3 rounds

40sec single arm db sit up (left arm) https://youtu.be/Tdtz6AWrM-0

20sec rest

40sec single arm db sit up (right arm)

20sec rest

40sec db straight leg sit up w/twist (left side only) https://youtu.be/EZscZOgOKQk

20 sec rest

20 sec db straight leg sit up w/ twist (right side only)

400m run or 500m row

Circuit B) 3 rounds

40sec Plank tricep kickbacks (right arm only) https://youtu.be/52mzKqF60HU

20 sec rest

40sec plank tricep kickbacks (left arm only)

20 sec rest

40sec wall sit hammer curls https://youtu.be/KbtaDYHyJKo

20 sec rest

40sec Zottman curls https://youtu.be/wrjEdVZrkhk

400m run OR 500m Row

Circuit C) 2 rounds

40sec Tricep dips w/toe touches https://youtu.be/yupUEvsAJgk

20 sec rest

Biceps curls 21’s https://youtu.be/2JOXXpD4HcY

20sec rest

40sec Seated bench knee raises https://youtu.be/GPBVNHl5cS8

Day 4/ Back it UP

warm up) 2x

300m row or 200m run

10 banded good mornings https://youtu.be/1WFrKwEHxAs

10 banded bent over rows https://youtu.be/DgPGoJ7PM1k

5 negative pull ups https://youtu.be/EkpJkHpJXmM

Full body Strength) 30 min time cap:

**add weight to each set of deadlifts**

8 deadlifts (start at an RPE 5-6)

8 KB swings

10 wall balls

6 deadlifts (add weight)

8 KB swings

10 wall balls

4 Dead lifts (add weight)

8 KB swings

10 wall balls

Bringing sexy back) 3x8-10 (as heavy as possible with good form)

Wide grip pull downs superset w/ DB single arm row

Db pullovers https://youtu.be/owr5y-s6-Qk superset w/ db bent over rowshttps://youtu.be/VP_f9V854og

Landmine meadows row https://youtu.be/e-c4gMcqdyw superset w/ db rear delt fly https://youtu.be/hf7jnF45N_I


**For these circuits, treat each circuit as a “separate workout”. In other words, try to go “all out sprint” for each circuit with little to no rest before moving on.

Circuit A) 8 rounds x 20sec all out work/ 10 sec rest

ECHO bike

Rest 2 min before moving on

Circuit B) 2 rounds x 30sec work/30sec rest


Bike crunches


Rest 2min before moving on

Circuit C) 5 rounds of:

10 cal row

5 tire flips

(if it's easier, you may take the rower outside)

Rest and recover as needed

Circuit D) 2 rounds x 30sec work/30sec rest

Abmat situps

Alt V-ups

Russian twists

Circuit E) 5 rounds as fast as possible

15 cal bike erg

50ft sled sprint

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