Week of 8/30-9/3

Rebuild (I’m trying to rebuild my strength)

Day 1

Warm up) 10min timecap

800m walk/jog

10 squat stretch

10-20sec lunge stretch/side

60 sec plank

Strength) Deadlifts (sumo)

2 sets x 5 reps warm up

5x5 @ RPE 6 (should be lighter weight)

Accessories) 5 sets x 12 reps each exercise

Wide grip pulldowns (slow and controlled)

Seated close grip row

Seated bicep curls

Cardio) one mile jog or run


Day 2)

Warm up) 10min amrap

5 pull-ups (as little assistance as possible)

10/side single arm push press

Strength) BENCH

1x5 warm up (empty bar)

1x3 paused bench (pause on chest) at RPE 8-9 (should feel HARD)

3x12 @ RPE 5 (lighter weight)

Accessories) 3 sets

10/ side single arm flat bench

10 Standing svend press

15 Skull crushers

Cardio circuit) 3 sets x 60sec each exercise

Jump rope

Ball slam burpees

Man makers


Day 3

Warm up) 3x

400m row

10 barbell good mornings

20 goblet squats

20 Alt step ups

Circuit) 3 sets x 12 (lighter weights)

Back squats

Db Bulgarian split squats (12/side)

Circuit) 3 sets x 20

Leg extensions

Weighted calf raises

Barbell hip thrusters (light weight)

Circuit) 20-15-10

Wall balls

kB swings

Db Alt snatches


Day 4) September challenge

3 rep max hex bar deadlift

Standing med ball power throw

2 min max hand release push-ups

Max consecutive crossover Pull Ups (must fully extend )

50m sprint/ 50m sled push/50m farmer Carry (40lb DB)/ 50m side shuffle/ 50m sprint (goal:3min or less)

2 mile run for time

** all exercises must be done in one day **

Goal: to be tested October

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