Paula's Brunchy Scramble

Another quick recipe made quicker by having your veggies pre-chopped (and frozen) and ready to toss in.

-3 oz of vegan or pre-cooked turkey patties (Jimmy Dean is my go-to favorite)

-Mix in chopped onion to your preference, half of a tomato and half bell pepper.

-Sauté in frying pan for 3-5 minutes (until veggies are cooked). Transfer to plate.

-Add half of avocado, and salsa, pepper and salt to taste.

To make it more "breakfast-sy" just add 1 egg into the frying pan while cooking.

Want to know a little food fact? The color of your bell pepper signifies the maturity and flavor profile. Add green bell pepper for a bitter flavor, yellow and orange for a little sweetness, with red being the sweetest.

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