WEEK 7.5.21

**These next two weeks’ workouts are based on the theme “short and sweet”... No one likes to suffer in over 100 degree weather..**


MONDAY/ Too HOT to trot

Circuit A) 5 rounds (building in weight optional)

6 Barbell floor press

6 barbell rows

200 jump rope

(rest 60-90s between rounds)

Circuit B) 10-8-6-4-2

Pull ups

Push ups

Hanging knee raises


Turn it Up Tuesday

Circuit A) 5 rounds (each round is a 5min timecap)

20 cal bike

5 back squats (start at 50% of your heaviest squat; build each round)

Circuit B) one round

2000M bike erg OR row

**every 500m; do 10/side hip circle lateral walks**

Circuit C) Complete 100 weighted walking lunges (50/side)

**Every time you break, do 5 weighted burpees with the dumbbells you are using**


Wednesday/ concrete to the core

Circuit A) 4 rounds x 5 min time cap each round

400m run

10 cal row

Max abmat situps in remaining time

*the goal is to be consistent with each exercise for every round*

Circuit B) 3 x 45s/30s/20s

Weighted single leg v ups (left arm holds DB)

Weighted single leg V ups (right arm holds DB)

DB weighted russian twists

Plank DB movers

**remember that quality over quantity gets results**


Thursday thunderarms

Circuit A) 5 rounds (building in weight)

10 Barbell push press

60sec all-out sprint on rower

**rest after all 5 rounds **

Circuit B) 4 rounds

Single arm bicep curls 21’s (right side)

Single arm bicep curls 21’s (left side)

15 tricep overhead extension

10 bench dips

Circuit C) 100 reps of each exercise

Db hammer curls

Banded tricep pushdowns

**at the start of every minute; for as long as it takes you to 10 push ups**


Friday Deathlifts and more

Circuit A) 4 rounds

20 cal ROW

15 Front squats

10 Hanging knee raises

Rest 2-5 min

Circuit B) EMOM 90 sec x 10 rounds

**Every 90 sec do 5 deadlifts; starting at you warm up weight of 45-50% of your heaviest deadlift**

Circuit C) 2 rounds

40sec forearm plank …

Straight into…

30 sec side plank

Straight into…

40sec plank on hands in push up position

Straight into…

30 sec side plank

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