LBS summer sizzle series

Summer Sizzle series

Week 7.19.2021

**These last two weeks of July will have only 4 days, because I have been incorporating run days**


Monday/ shoulder to cry on, core to crunch on

Core) one round **got this from Paula’s program**

10 v-ups → 1 sit up

9 v-ups → 2 sit ups

8 v-ups → 3 situps

7 v-ups → 4 sit ups

6 v-ups → 5 sit ups

5 v-ups → 6 sit ups

4 v-ups → 7 sit ups

3 v-ups → 8 sit ups

2 v-ups → 9 sit ups

1 v-up → 10 sit ups

*fun fact: i love v-ups...HATE situps and hanging leg raises; i’ll do v-ups any day when its programmed**

Circuit A) 4x

20/15/12/10 - lateral raise

12/10/10/10 - barbell push press

Set 1: 20 lateral raises; immediately after, do 12 push press…

Set 2: 15 lateral raises; immediately after, do 10 push press

Set 3: 12 lateral raise; immediately after, do 10 push press

Set 4: 10 lateral raises; immediately after, do 10 push press

**try to move up in weight each set**

Circuit B) 3x

12 db alt snatch

15 db sumo deadlift high pull

20 banded face pulls


Tuesday/ building the foundation

Warm up) 5x (with little to no rest)

10 each way; hip circle lateral walks

10 kb swings

Circuit A) 4x 10-12reps

Sumo deadlifts (light weight)

Db RDL’s

Circuit B) 4x 10 reps

Curtsy lunges (10 each side)

Landmine squat

Circuit C) 3x 20

Wall balls

Db narrow stance squats

Leg extensions


wednesday….Track day

**my track day will be….

1000m run ; straight into stairs

800m run; (one round of stairs)

600m run; (stairs)

400m run; (stairs)

3xhill sprints

Or….get outside and do 2-3miles of a walk jog


Thursday/ pushes…

Warmup ) one round

1200m row ; every 400m, do 10-20 push ups

Circuit A) 4x

10 barbell flat bench

20 banded tricep pushdowns

Circuit B) 3x12

Db incline french press

Db incline chest fly

Circuit C) 3x

15 ball slams

10 alt med ball push ups


Friday Fitness

  1. All out...5 rounds...for time

10 cal echo bike

60 jump rope

5 burpees

  1. 10 min amrap:

5 push ups

10 mountain climbers

15 air squats

**get as many rounds as possible in 10min**

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