**NOTE: the temperature is rising, no one wants to be in the gym for longer than necessary. Summer is the time for conditioning. Workouts will be short, at your own pace, but still working on resistance and muscle endurance training**

mOnDaY Mayhem

Warm up) 2x

100 jump rope

60sec deadbugs with dumbbells

30s plank tricep kickback (right side only)

60s alt v-ups

30s plank tricep kickback (left side only)

LBS CHALLENGE WORKOUT #3: Get in/ Get out/Get it done…(try to do this whole workout without stopping)


50 cal ROW

40 wall balls (8lbs GIRLS/ 14LB GUYS

30 cal bike

20 DB box (20”) lateral step overs

10 alt snatches

5 burpee over dumbbell

** do the workout AGAIN, but...start from the bottom to the top**


Tuesday/ Lower body blast

Warm up) 2 rounds for time:

800m row

Rest 60s

500m row

Rest 45s

300m row

Rest 30s…. Repeat once more...try to beat your times

Circuit A) 4 rounds

**use one barbell for both exercises; start with lightweight, move up as needed**

10 back squats

10/side barbell reverse lunges

20 KB swings

Circuit B) 10 min timecap:


5 x 5 @ 65% of your heaviest deadlift from last week

Circuit C) 4 rounds for time; rest between rounds

** using the same barbell for all lifts; light weight**

10 Deadlifts

8 front squats

6 barbell squat thrusters

4 barbell front rack lunges


Wednesday/ sKills, core and more

Warm up) choose one of these to do….

4x 400m runs




3400m bike erg


2000m Row

Circuit A) 3 rounds (use the same weight for each exercise)

60s weighted plank

30s weighted wall sit (weight on thighs)

10 weighted push-ups; if you can’t do a regular pushup, do pause push ups

5 negative pull ups

Circuit B) 5 min EMOM:

** Every minute on the minute**

3 Burpees to bar

5 Toes to bar or hanging leg raises

**at the top of every minute; do 3 burpees touching the bar, and 5 hanging leg until the top of the next minute**


Thursday/ push your buttons

Warm up) 2x

50 jump rope

20 ball slams

10 db windmills (5/side)

Strength) Bench press

6 sets

1st set: 12 reps

Add weight

2nd set: 10 reps

Add weight

3rd & 4th set: 8 reps (same weight0

Drop weight

5th set: 10 reps

Drop weight

6th set: 12 reps

Circuit) 3 rounds for time:

12 barbell push press

10/side single arm arnold press

12 hand release push ups


Fullbody Friday

**for each circuit; try to move up in weight each set as reps get lower**

Circuit A) 4 x 12/10/8/6

Wide grip pull downs

Tricep pushdowns

Db pullovers

cardio) 400m run or 500m row

Circuit B) 4 x 12/10/8/6

Db incline bench

Concentration curls

DB narrow stance squats

Cardio) 2min jump rope OR 400m run

Circuit C) 3 x 12/10/8

Db bent over row

Db push ups mountain climbers

Db sumo high pulls

Cardio) 500m bike erg or 20 cal echo bike

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