Week 6.14.2021

**no challenge this week**

Day 1/push-pull

Circuit A)

12 Barbell Bench superset w/ 12 Pull ups

10 Bench → 2 pull ups

8 Bench → 4 pull ups

6 Bench → 6 Pull ups

4 Bench → 8 Pull ups

2 Bench → 10 Pull ups

Circuit B) DB’s only ( use the same set of Db’s for each round)

12 DB incline bench → 12 DB bent over row

10 incline bench → 2 DB rows

8 incline → 4 DB row

6 incline → 6 DB row

4 incline → 8 DB row

2 DB incline → 10 DB row

Circuit C) 21-15-9

Calories on row

Ball slams

Circuit D) 3 rounds x 30s work / 30s rest

Pause Push-ups

Rest 30s

Db reverse fly

Rest 30s

DB renegade rows


Day 2/ Drop it like a Squat

Warm up) 2x

10/side lateral hip circle walks

15 cal row

20 cal bike erg or echo

10 lateral lunges

Strength) box squats

6 sets x 5 reps (building)

Circuit) 20-16-12-10-8 (options: moving up in weight each set OR staying with one weight all the way through, and doing it for time)

Front squats

Alt DB step ups

Ball slams

DB walking lunges


Day 3/ arms

Warm up) one round:

400m run OR 500m row

2 lateral plank walks w/ pushup (2/side)

10 oblique V-ups (LEFT side)

2 lateral plank walk w/ push ups (2/side)

10 oblique V-ups (RIGHT SIDE)

Circuit A) 3 rounds:

12 close grip bicep curls

10 hammer curls

8 zottman curls

50 jump rope

Circuit B) 3 rounds

12 rolling skull crushers

10 tricep overhead extension

8 weighted bench dips

50 jump rope

Circuit C) 3 rounds

100 alt battle ropes

25 abmat situps


Day 4/ shoulders

Warm up) 2x

2 min cardio

10 pvc shoulder pass throughs

20 band pull aparts

10 “y-T-W”

Circuit A) 3 sets x 10 reps

Close grip pull downs

Standing DB shoulder press

Seated single arm lateral raises (10/side)

Calories on row or bike

Circuit B) Barbell overhead press x 10/8/6/4

**try to move up in weight as reps get less**

Circuit C) 2 rounds

10 single arm upright row (left)

12 db front raises

10 single arm upright row (right)

30sec “6 way raised into over head press”

Circuit D) 8 rounds … 30s work/ 15s rest


Treadmill (sprint 30s/ rest 15s)

Row (all out 30s/ rest 15s)

Echo bike (sprint 30s/ rest 15s)


Day 5/ Drop it like its hot

Warm up) 2x

20 cal row

10 pull ups

15 banded good mornings

10 alt kb swings

Strength) Every 2min for 12min:

3 deadlifts (sumo, conventional, choose)

**build up to a heavy 3 rep in 12min**

Circuit A) 12-10-8-6

Wide grip pulldowns

Db single arm row

Bench knee tucks


30s plank on hands

30s side plank knee to elbow (right side)

30s bird dog exercise

30s side plank knee to elbow

30s spiderman planks

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