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Updated: Mar 8, 2021


WEEK OF 3.8.2021

*This is the final week of the LBS #2020suckedchallenge…!! Finish Strong… I hope this taught you to learn to balance work, home, and personal life while still working on your health. My goal is to teach everyone that WE ALL have daily struggles. But if we focus on our health for LONG TERM commitment, it is ALWAYS for the better.

Day 1/ Total body mashup

**the trick to today’s workout: do NOT rush the reps, take your time. 45sec is a long time**

Warm up: Two rounds

*make sure to work on FORM, not just getting through the exercise**

Circuit A) 4 rounds x 45 sec each; 30sec rest (use light to moderate weight)

Circuit B) 4 rounds x 45 sec work; 30 sec rest (use light to moderate weight)

  • Barbell Bench

  • Weighted alt step-ups (20” in box height or higher)

Circuit C) 4 rounds x 45sec work; 30sec rest (use light to moderate weight)

  • Deadlifts

  • Renegade rows

Circuit D) 4 rounds x 45sec work; 30sec rest


Day 2/ Leggo



Circuit 2) 3 Rounds (rest 2-3 min between rounds; stay with a moderate weight)

Circuit 3) TABATA (8 rounds/ 20sec hard effort/ 10 sec rest) total of 4 min...

** Tabata’s only work if you put effort into it. This is high intensity work, with minimal rest…**

  • 20 sec of Air squats

  • Rest 10 sec

  • 20 sec of Kb swings

  • Rest 10 sec

  • 20 sec of Alt reverse lunges

  • Rest 10 sec

  • 20 sec of Squat jumps

(repeat once more)


Day 3/ Big back; strong core

Warm up) one round

  • 1000m (FOR TIME) OR 800m run FOR TIME …

Circuit 1) 4 rounds x 12/10/8/6 (each round, add weight as reps lower)

Circuit 2) 3 rounds x 30sec work/60sec rest

Circuit 3) 3 rounds x 12/10/8

Circuit 4) TABATA core (20sec work/10 sec rest)


Day 4/ Push it all away

Warm up) 2 rounds:

Workout A) 4 rounds;

** rest 60sec, add weight each round**

Workout B) 4 rounds x 12/10/8/6

Workout C) 4 Rounds x 30sec work/ 30 sec rest

  • Ball slam burpee (no pushup)

  • 30 sec rest

  • Db alt snatches (15-25lb db)

  • 30 sec rest

  • Battle ropes or jump rope

  • 30 sec rest



** I’m adding TWO wods this friday….rest between each WOD, make sure to time yourself and post it!!**

WOD 1) For time:

**800m ROW

  • 3 rounds of:

5 knee raises

10 push ups

15 air squats

**400m RUN

  • 3 rounds of:

5 knee raises

10 push ups

15 air squats

**800m ROW

(my time: 15:26)

Rest as much as needed to recover….

WOD 2: 4 Rounds for time:

**weights prescribed: 20lb DB and 115lb deadlift for females/ 35lb DB; 135lb Deadlift for males)**

  • 5 Db push press (20/35)

  • 10 DB alt snatch (20/35)

  • 5 deadlifts (95/ 135lb)

  • 100 jump rope singles

Do all four rounds without stopping for time!! Save your time!!

For reference: I used 25lb db’s, 155lb deadlift….my time: 6:30

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