A New Chapter

Hello LBS members and friends,

After 6 years of sharing our lives with you all, lifting, getting fit, having fun and making memories. Alie and Daniel have made the tough decision to step away from the gym.

But with the closing of one chapter, opens another one. LBS is excited to announce that as of September 1, 2021, LBS will become Freedom Barbell.

Freedom Barbell will be owned and operated by LBS member Chris Tejeda. Chris was a long time member of LBS and loves the community and vision of LBS and plans to keep that same vision that LBS had.

The location of the gym will remain the same as well as all of the gym equipment. Freedom Barbell will initiate a new gym membership system soon, so stand by for announcements on how to transition your current membership to LBS to Freedom Barbell.

Once again thank you all and we will see you, now not as owners of LBS but as Alie and Daniel become members of Freedom Barbell.

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For those that interested; here is the link to the membership for Freedom Barbell! Hope you join! I’ll need a workout partner 😉 https://www.freedom-barbell.com/personal-training thanks again for all

I’ll be posting my workouts once a week for whoever wants to follow along. rebuilding the strength and endurance. and conditioning