Frequently Asked Questions

What are the gym hours?

24/7...While we will occasionally close the gym for an event or cleaning, the gym has 24hr access for monthly memberships.

Can I bring a guest?

LBS has no problem with bringing guests; as long as the rules are followed. You, the member, must contact the owners to let them know. Following that, you must have the guest sign a waiver prior to using the gym. Please email Alicia at

Can I bring my kid(s)?

Kids are always welcomed in LBS, as long as the parent(s) follows the gym rules regarding kids.

Kids must stay in one area, cleared from any members working out.

Please stay aware of your kids-there is very heavy freestanding equipment in gym. LBS will not be held liable for incurred injuries due to negligence.

Parents must clean up after kids regarding equipment used, any trash and or food left behind.


We love pets...however, as stated in the gym rules, you must have them on a leash and out of the way of people working out. It should also be known, that any pets that are brought to LBS must be friendly to all, and the owners must clean up after them.

Cancelling my membership?

To cancel your membership, just contact the LBS owners at As stipulated in the membership sign up, please give a 30 day notice.